CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON is fighting a fierce battle in the waters around Japan, where whales are threatened with extinction. Japanese ships continue to hunt and kill them despite international bans. And the person who tries to stop them is prosecuted by the law. Therefore, he is forced to live on a ship in the open sea and cannot go ashore, as prison awaits him there. However, his fight continues, in the name of life, the preservation of the oceans and marine species.
Captain Paul Watson is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist. He was one of the founding members and directors of Greenpeace. His mission is the preservation and protection of marine species, and he has been fighting for their preservation all his life. That is why he founded his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Foundation back in 1977.

Here are some of his goals:

  1. Finding solutions to address the diminution of diversity and interdependence in marine eco-systems.
  2. Finding solutions to address the decrease of phytoplankton populations in the sea.
  3. Finding solutions to address the illegal, unreported and unregulated commercial fishing operations.
  4. Finding solutions to address the impact of climate change on oceanic eco-systems.
  5. Finding solutions to address ways to remove plastics, fishing debris and ghost nets from marine eco-systems.
  6. Finding solutions to address the impact of noise pollution on marine life and the problem of acidification in the sea.
  7. Finding solutions to address the illegal killing of marine mammals.
  8. Finding solutions to protect sea turtle nests from poachers, sea-bird populations from illegal fishing and ingestion of plastics.
  9. Finding solutions to protect critically endangered species in marine eco-systems.
  10. Finding solutions to protect global coral reef systems from damage of acidification, invasive species, pollution & climate change.

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